Simple yet elegant was our focus here. We designed the Amelie earring to show off the brilliance of the diamond. Every claw is handmade by our goldsmiths to cater to the specific diamond. The Amelie design ensures that the sides of the diamond are left open to let light in, which will ultimately increase the end product’s brilliance. A very popular earring design.

Due to the delicate nature of this design, we recommend that you use any diamond up to 1.00ct. Lastly, as with all of our diamond earrings the specific details are all customisable; the claws can be rounded at the top as in this picture or tapered to lighten them, you can also choose from a variety of clasp designs, whether you like butterfly or screw clasps it is all up to you!


A classic and elegant design, the Charlotte is a strong yet open setting for any size or cut of diamond that you choose. We included a bar across the claws allowing for extra support. Our experts will often recommend this style if you are looking to create earrings that are over 1ct. in weight.

Available in 18ct. white, yellow, rose gold or platinum the Charlotte earring is a must have for anyone that is looking for a classic design that shows the diamond off to its maximum potential. This will definitely make you stand out from the crowd!


The Tulip style of diamond earrings are our variation on the classic V style design. Our goldsmiths ensure that the diamonds sit well in our U shaped design. The minimal nature of this diamond earring means that the stone is shown off from a side-profile as well as a birds-eye perspective.

This design is handmade so you can customise the specifics to your pleasing. You can choose whether your want it in 18ct. white, yellow or rose gold and platinum. Finally you can change the style of the four claws to be tapered or left rounded and choose what style back you want to be included, butterfly, screw or alpha.


The Helena is a beautiful and classic six claw diamond earring. Due to popular demand we have designed these diamond earrings to be as light as possible whilst maintaining the strength that you get from a classic six claw design.

The handmade nature of our earrings allows you to choose them in 18ct. white, yellow or rose gold and platinum. This specific earrings can accommodate any diamond up to 2.5ct. in weight. Finally, why not match this design with our beautiful bespoke Helena engagement ring and pendants.


Another beautiful variation of the standard six claw diamond earring. We designed this earring to include a handmade flat base which allows the earring to sit perfectly on ears of all shapes or sizes. The six claws provide appealing symmetry to the overall design.

Since all of our diamond earrings are handmade in Hatton Garden, we can customise them to be made from any precious metal with tapered claws or rounded claws. You also have the option to choose whether you want a butterfly, screw or alpha clasp.


A quintessentially classic design incorporating the increasingly popular princess cut diamonds. The Sarah earrings are a great addition to the Sarah collection. This collection is perfect for anyone who would like to match all of their jewellery together, as they all maximise the brilliance of the same shaped stones in unison.

The fine claws of these diamond earrings were designed to make more of the stone visible. Come down to our offices in Hatton Garden to see what variations of this design we offer, from the types of backs to the type of metal.


A perfect accompaniment to the Freya engagement ring. This design frames the princess cut diamonds in the image above particularly well. The weight of the Freya’s claws allow for the exclusion of a sidebar, allowing light to enter the side of the diamonds which will achieve more brilliance in the completed piece.

The Freya is available in 18ct. white, yellow or rose gold and platinum. The type of metal is important in this specific design, as the prominent claws are one of its main features and each metal will compliment the stone differently. These strong and secure claws allow the Freya to accommodate any princess cut diamond up to 2.50ct. in weight.


The Rachel incorporates a relatively new style of setting, the rubover set.  Designed to be made with princess cut diamonds, we believe that the Rachel diamond earrings are a fantastic way to showcase the symmetrical, clean and concise nature of your chosen stone.

Whilst the rubover setting ensures that the stone is secure, its open sides allow for the light to enter the stone. These features make the Rachel earring an all-round option exhibiting strength and brilliance. This design is available in 18ct. white, yellow or rose gold and platinum and can be fitted with butterfly, screw or alpha backs.


The Olivia has the stone set within the earring itself, with a rim going round the whole girdle of the diamond. This handmade bezel setting ensures that the Olivia is a strong and robust design which can be made in 18ct. white, yellow or rose gold and platinum.

With this design in particular we would recommend 18ct. white gold or platinum as the diamond would reflect the colour of the setting. Which will maximise the brilliance and scintillation of the diamond earring itself.


Another example of the increasingly trendy rubover setting is our Poppy earrings. Here featured with a brilliant round diamond, this design is popular with people who want the diamond to keep the round shape and not squared off with claws.

This rubover setting makes the Poppy a very strong earring with the diamond sitting firmly in place. Due to the size of the setting the type of metal is an important choice. If you are unsure of what metal you want to go with, please come in and see our experts in Hatton Garden who will be more than happy to discuss which is best for you.


Elegant, beautiful and refined. Some of the words used to describe our handmade diamond earrings. Our earrings are designed to make the most of the diamonds they hold. Diamond earrings are understated yet spectacular, a perfect addition to a ladies’ jewellery collection. All of our  hand crafted earrings can be created bespoke if desired and are tailored to our client’s requirements. So whether you desire 6 claws or a rub over set, rose gold, white gold or platinum, at Handleys of London we are dedicated to creating a piece of jewellery that you treasure for a lifetime.

We pride ourselves on providing the most personal and open service available from our showroom in Hatton Garden, London. Here you can choose from various earring designs or sit with one of our experts to help design your very own unique piece. Handmade with the utmost precision our diamond earrings are unparalleled in their understated elegance, truly special pieces of jewellery.